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>> this sunday evening, the national's finally take the field for the first time in the playoffs. we're in st. louis right now with the very latest. >> the vice-presidential debate coming up this week. both are preparing for their showdown on the campaign trail. >> temperatures are down more than and 20 degrees from what they were 24 hours ago. we have the very latest coming up. captioned by the national captioning institute >> thank you for being here this evening. i'm pamela brown. >> i'm kendis gibson.
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for the first time in 80 years we have a playoff team. >> there in st. louis for the playoff game. you caught up with the nationals and here's what they had to say. >> what it is like to live in missouri and be an nationals band? >> i you're a lot of criticism. i've always been a fan. >> you must feel good today. >> yes. it's good to see them play for something. >> we will bring you all nationals highlights right here on abc7. >> we are switching to fall weather. today it was cold and rainy. >> it makes you want to stay inside and bundle up. >> you definitely want to stay inside. we are here in the belfort furniture weather center tracking areas of light rain. off and on throughout the day
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and some more on the radar. let's go to the doppler seven radar and look at the light showers, if you can even call them that. prince george's county, anne arundel county, all along it become and along 95 in southern fairfax. -- all along 50 and along 95. some lingering light rain in frederick. 52 but reagan national. 48 in winchester. compare that yesterday and we are 17 degrees cooler now than we were 24 hours ago. but at this. a frost advisory in the shenandoah valley and even in western maryland and virginia. i will let you know how cold it is going to get coming up in a few minutes. >> i guess we will just have to deal with it. >> some people are avoiding
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outdoor activities. richard reeves ventured out to see how people are dealing. >> yesterday, you would have seen people out here on their boats having a good time. today, the boats are sitting idle. it looks like autumn is finally here. >> its the october surprise that hits every fall. >> it's a great college football weather. >> maybe not this early. >> i brought shorts because i thought it was going to be warm. >> at the taste of bethesda on saturday? sunday, no one wanted to be eating outside. >> it such an extreme that it goes from pleasant to gloomy. the normal for today is 71 degrees. the is normally packed volleyball courts are deserted.
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>> something just came through but i like it. >> it was hot running an hour is freezing and raining. >> plenty of bundled up tourist on the national mall. >> sometimes it is 50 degrees one day and then the next. we're used to this in michigan. >> they're not right to let a little children them belowdecks. >> you'd be surprised. we still get people even when it is hurricane weather. >> the rain is really coming down now. don't feel bad. it is, after all, fall. last year, last october 29th, we had that freak october snowstorm, snow-tober. in alexandria, richard reeves, abc 7 news.
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>> the pharmacy and link to the form of meningitis outbreak has issued a voluntary recall. it has killed seven people including one in maryland. they say 23 states are received the contaminated injections. >> now to a developing story in fairfax county where police are investigating a possible homicide. police responded to a call in franconia and they found the body of a 30-year-old mark ives from alexandria. we have more on this at 6:30 tonight. >> yesterday, a vigil was held for a missing teenager bryan glenn. he was supposed to play in his school's football game. there are pleased from his family for his safe return. they just want him back -- there were pleas. >> i saw one of his friends
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during the kickoff that he usually does. it was tough. >> there are a number of people around who are likely to have seen something. you may have been with him? >> defined his disappearance unusual. they do not believe he wasould run away. >> days ahead of the first and only vice presidential debate, the candidates are preparing and both sides are trying to downplay expectations. how about this time? >> the countdown to joe biden and paul ryan's's face-off in kentucky has begun. they're preparing to go head to head on the heels of last week's first presidential debate. >> i think they're important. i think paul will do a good job. i think joe biden is incredibly gifted when it comes to debating and understanding policy. >> after obama's poor showing in
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denver democrats are counting on biden the palau -- pull out the win. >> he knows what's going on and he's in touch with the american public. i'm just hopeful that mr. ryan will tell the truth. >> from a's farmer debate coach give his opinion on how the next will go -- romney's former coach gave his opinion. >> we did not go after him so you need to turn up the heat. >> biden says he's ready. foreign and domestic policy issues will both be in play. it's the only vice-presidential debate before the november 6th election. >> another note, the presidential candidates are out campaigning while their running mates are preparing for the debate.
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romney is spending a third day in florida and the president come as you can see, will be rallying support in los angeles. >> senate hopefuls in virginia will be facing off in a debate tomorrow in richmond. that will be held on october 18th on the virginia tech campus. there are running for webb's open seat. >> tonight, we have a metro service update. work on the red line is forcing trains to single track between judiciary square and fort totten. between stadium-armory and cheverly. "extend through closing monday because it is a holiday weekend. -- work will extend through monday. coming up on abc 7 news at
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5:30, a drone shot down over israel. who are they blaming for the violation
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>> war planes working to wage raids on lebanon. a drone crossed over from the
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mediterranean. it's not clear who launched it but many are blaming 11 on -- lebanon. venezuelans are heading to the polls in new orleans. these expatriates are lined up outside of the venezuelan consulate to cast their vote for the presidential election. people from all over are expected because the miami consulate is closed. president hugo chavez says he will accept the results whether he wins or loses. >> there is a warning for americans in pakistan tonight to stay away from government buildings and several major hotels. they said the pakistan government received a threat warning of terrorist attacks aimed at certain government buildings and hotels downtown.
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anti-war activists are protesting the american drone strikes this morning. conflicting accounts of problems at a foxconn factory. they deny that there were strikes. the factory admitted there were isolated disputes. there was no work stoppage. they are outraged as what they called the management overly strict demands. >> stink bugs are back. with temperatures dropping, they're heading in your homes. if you have not found them yet look out. it could be a matter of time. we have more on the fall infestation. >> they are creepy, crawly, and not to mention -- stinky. >> it's the worst thing i've ever seen in my life. >> he has tried everything to get these pesky bugs from
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running over his home. >>stomp them, and they hit you. sweep them, they come back. sometimes he has to change his clothes in the raw edge -- garage. >> it's so bad. >> it's not as virginia. this guy in pittsburgh cannot seem to catch a break either from his home, his car, even his hat. >> i bought some of the off market traps the bug is just laugh and they keep coming. >> even worse? they are spreading. more than half the country already has a whiff. five more states have been added to the list bringing the total to 38. the biggest problem areas? the mid-atlantic. 59% in the capital have had a
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problem. they eat everything inside. they could be the biggest threat to your farms or gardens in 40 years. >> pesky little critters. [laughter] >> fall is here. we are dealing in today. it is gloomy and cold outside. >> this is a typical washington all day. a few days ago it was sunny and 80. now it is cloudy and e50. >> one or the other. >> we are still around average for this time of year. let's take a look on the super doppler seven radar. this is very light rain or white sprinkles out there. the 80 corridor and the shenandoah valley and around the
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beltway. especially prince george's county 50, through annapolis the bay bridge, eastern shore. arlington, falls church, mclane, 56 and northward to legion bridge. this could just be parts of northern charles county but it seems to be everywhere at least some point today. is the live picture from the rooftop camera. 555 feet tall. here's a look. the current additions -- conditions -- 52 degrees. 52 now and temperatures looking to slide and take a big nose dive later on tonight. we're talking the coldest air we have seen yet this fall. this is the same front that moved through washington yesterday, roughly 24 hours ago.
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the stalling offshore with areas of low pressure helping to mix things up and kick start the rain we have had. speaking of the upper level energy, let's go to the west. oklahoma, texas, this is a patch of clouds with some upper level energy that will continue to track our way into tomorrow that will give is a good chance for more light rain late in the day columbus day. the frost advisory in effect for parts of the shenandoah valley and then look at this -- the bright blue is a freeze warning in effect from midnight until 9:00 a.m. this is alkali think it will get. 34 by tomorrow morning. closer to the metro, 37 manassas. a little bit warmer in the lower
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40's. close to 40 in waldorf. just a few light showers will be developing. mainly late in the day. after 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. temperatures will remain cool. look at this period low to mid 50's for the high temperature. tomorrow, very similar to today. tuesday, back to sunshine. but it will not warmus up that much just back to 60. the average is 72. close to average on wednesday when the nats come back for a guaranteed game 3. i will not get ahead of myself. the mother should be agreeable. >> up in camden yards, they have the rain right now. >> they're going to win it all
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on wednesday. [laughter] >> it is the hit
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i'm barack obama and i approve this mes.sage. narrator: this was dishonest: mitt romney: "i'm not in favor a $5 trillionax cut." romney's being dishonest here too: romney tv ad: "according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class..."arrator: the chairman of that so-called independent group is from romney's former coany. dick cheney's on its board. newt gingrich was there too. it's not independent. it's just not true.
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>> robert grifinfin iii has suffered a concussion today. let's recap today. second quarter scoreless until this incredible play. taking into the house. 28 yards, 7-0 skins. late in the second, billy conn deaf -- billy cundiff. i would expect a pink slip for him. he misses. marching down the field. 1-yard t.d. tying. 3rd quarter -- hitting close to home. when you run as a quarterback had slight that can happen. it did not look pretty. take another look. he was on the sidelines getting
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cared for. but he was taken back to the locker room for treatment. the falcons take a lead in the fourth. to santana moss -- a 77-yard touchdown. they are excited. turner taking the handoff up the middle. 24-17 atlanta with two to go. he runs a little bit out of magic. pick off. he would throw another one this moments later. these scans to lose 24-17. everyone is biting their nails waiting to hear about the franchise quarterback. >> i did not know what they diagnosed him with. i wish for the best. >> i did spoke to the trainers and ask for them to keep me posted. we went from there.
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>> i just pursued that. i got him out of bounds. try to get a hit on him. i wish the best for him. hope everything is going all right. >> especially someone of his caliber to help us win hopefully he gets back as healthy as possible. my prayers go out to him. >> hear how loud it was in there? cards star sat out recovering from tommy john surgery and he's getting the nod on the mound. suzuki lining a single to left. 1-0 nats. looks good. driving deep right jason w erth saving the day.
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2-1 now in th 7th. bases loaded ,tied at 4. fly to right -- deep enough. tigers win 5-4. poor oakland. moments away, the orioles will host the yankees in the a.l. series. but showalter is treating this like the orioles are still the underdog. >> you can pass through there and come out still standing, you got a chance to keep playing games. i do not think anyone is surprised that we're standing here looking at them. i understand the the surprise may be who is looking at them. >> senior giants lead the cleveland browns. >> let's hope the o's are more
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fired up than
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] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> let's look at the week ahead. generally cool, below average temperatures. the closest we will be to leverage will be wednesday partially cloudy and 71 with the chance of a shower north of washington. tomorrow columbus day, "landry with late day showers. -- cool and dreary.
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>> we will

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